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 Hotel zur Brücke in Greifswald/Wieck

Area & Surrounding

Its perfect location between Usedom and Rügen and as the most popular fishing and sailing area, Greifswald and Wieck provide the best conditions as the starting point for exciting daytrips by foot, bike, car or ship. The European biking trail goes past our hotel.

Hanseatic City of Stralsund

German Maritime Museum and OZEANEUM

The OZEANEUM – Europe’s museum of the year in 2010 – located on Stralsund’s harbour island and the German Maritime Museum behind thick church walls, both are a highlight while visiting Stralsund.

Old City of Stralsund – UNESCO-World Cultural Heritage

The city composed of bricks, with monuments as „like sand at the sea“, since 2002 UNSECO-World Cultural Heritage – ideal for city centre strolling.

Baltic Islands of Rügen & Hiddensee

On the islands of Rügen and Hiddensee you will find many things to discover and experience. The following overview provides a brief selection of touristic highlights:

Hunting lodge Granitz

South of Binz, in the midst of beautiful Granitz located on the 109m Tempelberg. A cantilever circular staircase, composed of 154 cast-iron steps, is leading to an observation platform, 145m above sea level on the roof of the tower. The unique panoramic view enables the view to Usedom, in case of clear weather.

Cape Arcona

The 45m high cliff coast, consisting of chalk, is located on the peninsular Wittow in the North part of Rügen and it is one of the favoured tourist attractions on the island. There are two lighthouses and one tower with a direction finder. All of them have observation towers, which are open to visitors. Our advice: Visit by all means the fishing village Vitt only 2km away!

Chalk coast from the sea

Take one of the numerous passenger ships at the seaport Sassnitz and have a ride to the magnificent chalk coast. You will have the best view on Rügen’s white monument from the seaside. A 75 min trip by ship starting very close to the Submarine Museum.

Pier Sellin

Famous, 400m long pier with a marvellous house build in spa style. Visit the restaurant above the water, close to the beach. In a gondola you will have a save dive down to 4m under the sea surface.

Störtebeker Festival

Germany’s most successful open-air theatre is held annual from the end of July until the beginning of September on the natural stage at the great Bay of Jasmund in Ralswiek. About 140 background actors, 20 actors, 30 horses and 4 ships are telling the legend of Klaus Störtebeker, the famous pirate of the 14th century.

Island of Hiddensee

Despite 16,8km length and 250 m at the smallest place, it is the largest island within the national park of the Western Pomeranian Bodden landscape. The contemplative and car-free island is tenderly called „Sötes Länneken“ by its inhabitants. You can easily reach the island with a passenger ship or a water taxi from Stralsund.

Island of Usedom

Germany’s second largest island is officially the sunniest region in the country. In addition to that it offers much more – 11 national parks, numerous sports activities like sailing, surfing, squash and tennis as well as horse back riding, aviation and of course golf. Cultural activities are open-air theatre, galleries, museums and taverns. A broad selection:


Usedom‘s reputation as a bathing island is based on almost 40km long and up to 60m broad fine sandy beach which is slipping shallowly into the sea. During calm sea well-suited for children and non-swimmers! Bathing resorts are supervised by lifeguards during the season.

Historical-Technical Information Centre Peenemünde

The largest, technical monument in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. It informs about its history as birthplace of space travel as well as place of development of the Nazi V-weapon „V2“. A large open-air area with rockets, planes and helicopters.

Butterfly farm Trassenheide

Europe’s largest butterfly house with a total area of about 5.000 m². Including a huge tropical hall with about 2.000 flying, tropical butterflies, insect museum and a show with bird spiders as well as changing exhibitions.


 Area & Surrounding
 The OZEANEUM, © Carl-Ernst Stahnke/
 Old City of Stralsund, © Karl-Heinz Gottschalk (goka)/
 Cape Arcona, © Jürgen Nießen/
 Binz, © Housi/
 Sellin, © Housi/
 Hunting lodge Granitz, © Ralf Luczyk/
 Island of Hiddensee, © Martin Simon/

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